Free Ibs Diet Plan - What Is Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)

Free Ibs Diet Plan

What Is Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)

Free Ibs Diet Plan - What Is Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)

Information about irritable bowel syndrome Syndrome? How to avoid irratable bowel syndrome and stress (IBS) digestive disorders: facts & figures interferes with the normal functions of the large intestine (colon). It is characterized by several?? symptoms

  • The colon responds strongly to stimuli (for example, foods or stress) that would not bother most people.
  • In people with IBS, stress and emotions can strongly affect the colon. It has many nerves that connect it to the brain. Like the heart and the lungs, the colon is partly controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which has been proven to respond to stress. For example, when you are frightened, your heart beats faster, your blood pressure may go up, or you may gasp. The colon responds to stress also. It may contract too much or too little. It may absorb too much water or too little.

    IBS causes a great deal of discomfort and distress, but it does not permanently harm the intestines and does not lead to intestinal bleeding or to any serious disease such as cancer. Most people can control the social syndrome: social anxiety disorder, stress management, and medications prescribed by their physician. But for some people, IBS can be disabling. They may be unable to work, go to social events, or travel even short distances. It is not always that we just turn on the computer, and there is a page about Ibs Symptoms. We have written this article to let others know more about Ibs Symptoms through our resources.

    The following have been associated with a worsening of IBS symptoms:

    Researchers have also found that women with IBS may have more symptoms during their menstrual periods, suggesting that reproductive hormones aloe vera can alleviate the problems of ibs